Olympic Park

The 1972 Olympic Games took place in this specially built complex. The architecture seems daring even today and the park is still popular among Munich’s inhabitants. The complex was built on the grounds of a former military airfield, the Oberwiesenfeld.

The area is dominated by the 290-metre-high Olympic Tower, which houses a revolving restaurant at a height of 190 metres. From here you can enjoy a spectacular panorama view of the Alps. The “Olympiahalle” is often the venue for rock concerts or cycle racing. The stadium used to be the home of light athletics events as well as the home grounds of Munich’s two football teams, “Bayern München” and “1860”, the latter also known as the “Lions”. Both teams’ home games have been played at the Allianz Arena since 2006.

The former Olympic Swimming Hall is still used as such nowadays by the people of Munich. An artificial lake beautifies the area at the foot of the surrounding green hills. 2006 saw the opening of a large aquarium called “Sealife” which shows a multitude of indigenous freshwater fish and exotic marine fish. Like the English Garden, the Olympic Park is a popular recreational area for Munich’s inhabitants.

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