On the 13th July 2006 the old town of Regensburg has been added to the UNESCO world heritage list. It has every right to be there as already the Romans in the year 179 A.D. chose it to erect a military camp there, which later after their retreat became the nub of the city of Regensburg. The stone bridge has been built here to join the northern and southern bank of the Danube. This bridge has been in use since the year 1146.

The construction work on today’s cathedral has begun in 1273. It is one of the earliest gothic cathedrals on German soil.

Bishops, Dukes and Kings lived in the city; however, it was also the city of merchants and townspeople. Regensburg grew and prospered under the protection of the Emperor as a free imperial city. Situated at the junction of important trading routes and the Danube as a mighty waterways commerce blossomed and brought wealth to the city.

The famous castle St. Emmeram is also located here. Its provenance goes back to the monastery of the same name. Today it is owned by the famous family of the Princes of Thurn und Taxis.

Numerous museums harbour the treasures of the city, such as the Reichstag museum in the old Town Hall, the historic museum of Regensburg, the Princes Thurn und Taxis museums, Castle and cloisters of St. Emmeram, the Cathedral treasure museum and the Keppler memorial house to name a few.

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